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April Pastor's Note

Last year, I started a conversation with my kids, wondering what would help them better engage with worship. Their brains and bodies aren’t wired to get the most out of sitting still and listening for an hour, and I know they aren’t alone. What they came up with was a space where they could really feel comfortable moving around, being more active, having activities or stations like legos, kinetic sand, and other things, where they could also listen to the service.

MANY thanks go to Teresa Harris for setting up, stocking, and maintaining a wonderful space upstairs in Centering Space, and to Joe Hinshaw for doing his broadcast magic to get the live stream set up on the TV upstairs each week. Thanks also to the volunteers who have been accompanying my boys and any other young disciples upstairs during the second part of the service, providing appropriate supervision and engagement.

I’ve overheard the boys tell friends how “cool” church is now, and I’ve seen them engage in relationships with other loving adults at Trinity in ways that had lagged since COVID. I’ve also experienced them peppering me with questions after worship, and hearing about the questions they ask and conversations they have during the live stream upstairs. Because they’re comfortable and able to be themselves, they can also listen with deeper engagement, and ask questions that they couldn’t ask if they were downstairs - at least not comfortably or easily. If I use a word they don’t know, they can ask the volunteer what it means. As a parent and a pastor, this all brings me great joy.

I’m excited to see more young people visiting occasionally or somewhat regularly in worship, and I’m happy we have that space to offer, along with the prayground for younger ones (like Galen!). We could still use some extra help. If you’re willing to go upstairs with the young disciples on a rotating basis, please sign up on the sheet at church or online:

Thanks to those who have volunteered pretty regularly, including Teresa, Susie Phend, Virginia Healy, Lauren Strawderman, and Kim Shank. I’m sure any of them would be happy to answer questions if you’re thinking of signing up.

The nature of nurture has been shifting for many years, and it’s been interesting to observe the shifts during and coming out of COVID. Many other churches don’t do “Sunday school” like they used to. Many don’t have paid nursery attendants anymore. More are trying to find ways to welcome younger ones and their families more intentionally in worship and otherwise. We’re seeing all of that at Trinity, too, and I’m sure it will keep evolving.

What doesn’t change is the importance of a church that genuinely loves and welcomes children as they are, and I think Trinity excels in that. It’s a church that communicates in word and action, “God loves you just the way you are, and so do we.”

This month we will celebrate the baptism of Galen Brown. Galen is the newest member of the Trinity family, but he’s already been to multiple Session meetings, committee meetings, and we’re happy to have him on the prayground these days, too. We’ll make vows to support and nurture him, just as we continue to support and nurture Jessi and Jason in the journey.

Thank you for providing a safe, nurturing, and loving environment for our kids, and the many ways you support the children here, in the broader community, and far beyond!

Grace and Peace,


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