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Meditation Walk

Trinity is blessed with beautiful grounds and places designed to encourage getting centered in creation. We've compiled a self-guided meditation walk around the grounds with a number of stops along the way. You may download the full guide here or find hard copies by our Memorial Garden to be used while you walk around the grounds. You'll also find QR codes at many of the stations, which will take you to the full walk and individual stations. Enjoy!

Draw us, O God, into your creation. Awaken our spirit and our senses to experience your presence in this place. Life is full of joy and sorrow and we recognize both as we walk these grounds. As we acknowledge this reality, help us to trust that you take our brokenness and weave it into strands of your wholeness. In these moments, teach us the grace of looking, the grace of listening, the grace of being, the grace of loving, and the grace of seeing your fragile beauty so close at hand. Let us experience your JOY.  Amen.

This Meditation Walk is offered by CENTERING SPACE - A Space for Centered CARE: Contemplation, Action, Renewal, and Expression – a ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church.  You can learn more by visiting the website: 

Contributors to this walk include:
Hannah Facknitz
Mary Lou McMillin
Gwen Carr
Malcolm Cameron
Mark Facknitz
Elly Swecker
Stephanie Gardner    
Kathy Gillette

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