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Building use


The purpose of Trinity Presbyterian Church building, grounds and equipment is to serve its members, its neighborhood and the greater Harrisonburg community for maximum use and of greatest service.  The use of the building, grounds and equipment shall be confined to religious, educational, social services and other functions consistent with the values of Trinity Presbyterian Church.  We reaffirm our commitment to providing hospitality through the use of our church by members of the community.  We look forward to continuing this part of our ministry, aided by policies that will make us better stewards of the gifts that have been entrusted to us.

COVID Guidelines

Recognizing the extraordinary circumstances of life in a global pandemic, we are operating under these additional COVID-19 guidelines for all building use. Please read thoroughly the documents below.

All individuals using the building must complete a Participant Waiver, to be held on file by the identified group leader. The Waiver may also be completed online. Please contact the church office with any questions. 

Following each meeting or event, the Building Use Reporting Form must be completed online, using the link below.

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