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Creation Care Commitment

We are proud to be an Earth Care Congregation of the PC(USA). Check out information about our pollinator garden, solar panels, and other environmental work/commitments.

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Earth Care Congregation of the PC(USA)

Started in 2010 by the PC(USA), the goal of this program is to inspire churches to care for God’s earth in
a holistic way, through integrating earth care into all aspects of their church life. The Earth Care
Congregation certification honors churches that make that commitment and encourages others to
follow their example.

“Trinity Presbyterian Church is just one of the 305 churches in our denomination that chose to dedicate themselves to intentional care of God’s earth this year. This congregation’s activities and commitment brings hope to their community and indeed to the world. We believe that Trinity Presbyterian Church will inspire others to respond intentionally to God’s call to care for the earth,” says Jessica Maudlin, Associate for Sustainable Living and Earth Care Concerns for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

For more information on the Earth Care Congregations program visit


Pollinator Garden

Trinity planted a pollinator garden in the spring of 2021 with funds from an environmental bequest.  The establishment and management of a garden for our native pollinators and naturalized honey bees is an act of faith for the present and hope for the future.


Pollinators' loss is a substantial obstacle our world now faces.  As well as bringing beauty and continued life to the ecosystem, pollinating insects, birds and bats contribute billions of dollars to agriculture each year- eighty percent of US crops are pollinated by honey bees.  But our pollinators are in decline due to habitat loss, pesticides, diseases, and introduced species.


 In the Trinity Pollinator Garden there are native plants that attract, feed, and provide nectar and year-round habitat.  The garden allows us to provide hospitality to our tiniest of neighbors such as bees, butterflies moths, ants, wasps, and birds. 

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Solar Panels


Community compost

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