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View our latest COVID update below.

Dear Trinity community, 


May 11, 2023, the CDC marked the end of the federal COVID-19

Public Health Emergency. We are so grateful

for the care and compassion that has been shown during

these years. We have helped to keep each other safe,

with no outbreaks from church activities.

We celebrate that safe and effective vaccines are widely available

for all individuals 6 months and older. Most of the population now has

some form of resistance to the virus, thanks to vaccines, prior

infections or a combination of the two. While new variants seem to

spread more easily, they have been less likely to cause serious illness and death. In addition, treatments to ease the symptoms and severity of infection are more readily available. In light of these factors, the Task Force and Session have approved the following changes to our COVID policies.


We strive to be a community that is inclusive, hospitable, and safe for all people, especially the most vulnerable, and so we strongly encourage masking indoors when in any large gathering, including worship, or when in more confined spaces, with less room for distancing and/or limited ventilation. This applies to building use by Trinity or any other group. We also strongly encourage all medically eligible individuals to be fully vaccinated against easily communicable viruses, for individual and community protection. Any group using space at Trinity may choose to implement more stringent requirements, at their discretion.


We are grateful to return to activities that have been restricted, including sharing food and fellowship together. When not eating or drinking, we strongly encourage mask wearing during these activities, as well. We encourage groups to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, and utilize our beautiful outdoor spaces when practical.


We will be adding seats in the sanctuary as needed, so if you’ve been choosing to stay home in order to allow room for others, know that there will be room for you here at the church house, too. As always, we encourage vigilance and care in making the decision to stay home from worship or community events if you are feeling any symptoms of illness. We are grateful for the ways in which our ministry has expanded as a hybrid church. You are always welcome to join us online for worship and other hybrid offerings, with deep gratitude to our tech team volunteers for this expanded ministry. 


Unmasked worship leaders will continue to self-test for COVID each week prior to worship, as an added layer of reassurance for all gathered.

Masks will still be available by request, and we encourage you to remain aware of those around you. Beyond COVID, the flu and even “common” colds can pose a much greater threat to some individuals with underlying health concerns, as well as caregivers, or those who live with immunocompromised individuals. If you choose not to wear a mask, we invite you to carry a mask with you, in order to honor and respect others near you who feel safer or more comfortable with masks. There are a number of personal reasons one may need to exercise greater caution. The burden of caring for each other should not fall inordinately on those with greater vulnerabilities. 


We will continue to monitor public health threats, including COVID, and we will revise our policies as needed.


If you have any questions, please reach out to any members of the COVID Task Force or Session. Again, we are deeply grateful for the many ways you have shown care for each other through this difficult time.


COVID Task Force

Linda Bradley

Gwen Carr

Yogi Gillette

Carolyn Hinshaw

Steve Rinehart

Frances Sale

Stephanie Sorge

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