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Worship 9/24/23


Worship 10/1/23

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No Nurture this week. Instead, join us for our potluck!



Come enjoy a meal together after House Church & Marks Groups' calls on Sunday, September 24th.  Roast chicken and drinks will be provided.  Feel free to bring sides from your garden harvest and tried and true recipes we look forward to at our potlucks.

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Peace and Global
Witness Offering


We will be taking our Peace and Global Witness Offering on Sunday, October 1. This offering encourages the church to cast off anxiety and fear, discord and division, and embrace our God's mission of reconciliation to those around the corner and around the world. We will be sending 25% of the collected offering to the Friendly City Safe Space, a community for LGBTQ+ people and aspiring allies of all ages, racial and ethnic identities in Harrisonburg and surrounding counties that will empower them with the resources, education, and community necessary to thrive as equal, healthy, supported, essential members of our society.

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Animal Blessing


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Guns to Gardens Event

A Guns to Gardens event will take place on Sunday, October 22, 2023, at 2:00 pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church. Trinity is located at 725 S. High St. in Harrisonburg. Worship will begin in the sanctuary, and then those in attendance will proceed to the north end of the parking lot where they can see the dismantling of the guns. Chairs will be available on the lot for those who need to be seated. This event is planned collaboratively by Trinity Presbyterian Church, Community Mennonite Church, Park View Mennonite Church, and Shalom Mennonite Congregation. At the event firearms that have been already voluntarily surrendered will begin the process of transformation into garden tools and works of art. The program serves to not only transform guns from weapons of death to tools of life and beauty but also to transform and heal lives. NO GUNS CAN BE BROUGHT TO THIS EVENT TO BE SAFELY SURRENDERED. The guns that will be dismantled at this event have previously been safely surrendered and checked for ammunition and serial numbers by law enforcement officers.



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Harvest Team Volunteers

The Harvest team is recruiting volunteers to help with fellowship set up, fellowship clean up, and donations of noshes for each week's gathering for this upcoming season (September through November).  In addition, the team is looking for folks who would be willing to help supervise young disciples upstairs in the activity room during worship, or be on standby should we have infants in the downstairs nursery.


There is a hard copy sign up sheet on the bulletin board, but you are welcome to reach out to Mary Colleen at or text her at (540) 293-2472 to sign up.


Thank you for considering helping -- many hands make light work! -- The Harvest Team

Fall Yoga Class

Centering Space is pleased to announce the first Fall 2023 yoga class led by Robin Atwood. The class will meet on Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00 p.m. in the sanctuary from August 29 - October 10 with NO class on 9/26. Click here to register! Enrollment is limited to 15 participants. There is no cost for this class.  If you would like to contribute to Centering Space to support this activity, a basket is provided for your donation.  Members of Trinity can make contributions to Centering Space using the online giving system.

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