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Who we are

The Church Gathers Here for Renewal

Trinity Presbyterian church

We are an inclusive and progressive congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and a member of Shenandoah Presbytery. We are a More Light Congregation, seeking to share God's expansive love. As a Matthew 25 Congregation, we are committed to building congregational vitality, dismantling structural racism, and eradicating systemic poverty.

We are seekers on a journey, always listening for
how God is speaking to us today. Join us!

Our Vision Statement

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek to BE Christ's faithful disciples, living--intentionally--the inward/outward journey as a community of the concerned, a fellowship of the forgiven, a company of the committed--reaching out to make Christ's presence known in society through face-to-face servant ministry.

Our Mission Statement

Confident of our identity as God's pilgrim people sent into the world to embody the gospel and serve God's people as prophets, we eagerly search--with eyes and ears wide open--for the newness of Christ's love and grace breaking into our lives each day. To ALL, we offer a reception, safe space: 

  • to worship in creative and participatory ways,

  • to nurture and be nurtured as we learn and grow together--fearless of the questions and challenges that faith stirs within us,

  • to be in fellowship with one another--building together a loving, forgiving, caring community; and, 

  • to experience the mission and ministry that calls us out--beyond ourselves--to work with God for justice, peace, and love. 

Trinity Presbyterian Church acknowledges its debt to the first residents of our valley.  Well into the 17th Century there were substantial and stable settlements of Indigenous people in the Shenandoah, some within a few miles of where we now congregate. We acknowledge, with gratitude, these stewards of the land through the ages. We recognize the lasting need to redeem the injustice done to them, here and everywhere.    We acknowledge that at its core our church building was once a place where black people, many children among them, were presumed to be in body, mind and soul the property of the building’s prosperous owner.  We acknowledge that we are still beset with the hurts of racism, personal and social, for which we strive to atone. We acknowledge that the repair of past sins requires repentance and the courage to bear witness to truth and to carry our convictions into all of our encounters with new friends and old, strangers and newcomers.  We seek the Grace of God through the cleansing energy of the Holy Spirit to grant us the courage to achieve “unity of spirit, sympathy, love for one another, a tender heart, and a humble mind.”  (1 Peter 3:8)

Land Use Acknowledgement

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