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our Leadership

Who We Are

Our Staff

Kim Shank

Associate for Pastoral Care

Click here for Kim's bio and contact info!

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Kelsea Miller

Church Administrator

Victoria Riddle

Communication Specialist

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Our Session

Stephanie Sorge, Moderator
Linda Bradley, Clerk of Session


Dane Byers (Building & Grounds) 

Mark Dewey (Matthew 25, Outreach, ACE 2023/24 Seasonal Team Convener, Lent/Easter 2024 Seasonal Team)

Mary Lou McMillin (Pastoral Care, Pentecost 2023 Seasonal Team, Worship Marks Elder)

Susie Phend (Pastoral Care, Personnel, Pentecost 2023 Seasonal Team Convener, Nurture Marks Elder)

Class of 2025

Class of 2024

Jason Brown (Nominating, Finance, ACE 2022/2023 Seasonal Team)

Rick Comstock (Finance, Easter 2022 Seasonal Team convener, Lent 2023 Seasonal Team)

Kandy Grant (ACE 2022/2023 Seasonal Team convener, Nurture Marks Elder)

Virginia Healy (Harvest 2022 Seasonal Team, Pastoral Care)

Class of 2026

David Carothers (Nominating, ACE 2024/2025 Seasonal Team)

Amy Lemmons (Benevolence, Pentecost 2024 Seasonal Team)

Ginnie Reinhold (Pastoral Care)

Bob Schminkey (Finance, Harvest 2024 Seasonal Team)

For descriptions of each Standing Team, Seasonal Team, or Marks Leader, see the Manual of Operations, revised 01/2023. Appendices will be reviewed, revised, and added as they are approved.

Congregational members of the Nominating Team include Melodie Davis, Stephanie Gardner, and Paul Klemt.

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