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February Pastor's Note

What makes you “proud as a peacock” about Trinity?

On Saturday, January 27th, the Session met for our annual retreat. Around the room, there were pictures of different animals and prompts for reflection. This is the first. What makes you “proud as a peacock” about our church?

Here are some of the responses:

  • Mission orientation

  • Our musicians!

  • Our “family” atmosphere

  • Service

  • Intentionality

  • Service to the community

  • Its peeps

  • Our involvement in the community and beyond

  • Community involvement

  • I am proud that we are trying to be inclusive

  • That we are liberal in the best sense

  • That Trinity is hands-on

  • Open to new people and new ideas

  • Great reputation in our community

  • The hospitality and engagement

  • Care for social issues

  • Mission orientation (again!)

How would you answer that question? Please send me your thoughts!

I must confess, I’m sinfully proud when it comes to Trinity. We’re not perfect - but I don’t want to be part of any church that claims perfection! When I meet people out in the community and they find out where I work, I usually get one of two responses: you all do so much for the community, or “_____ is a member there, right? what a wonderful person!” We’re known for the love we share in the community, and the many saints - current and past - who have shown faith by the love they extend to others.

I’m proud because we are a loving and inclusive community - which is something that many churches say about themselves. But here are a few places where I see it lived out:

  • a rainbow banner above our doors stating “You are loved!”

  • the pronoun stickers many of us have added to our name tags

  • the outpouring of love and support in times of grief and need, including an almost immediately full signup genius within hours of John Lyon’s funeral service being scheduled, meals brought to some who are sick or otherwise struggling, and seeing many of you coming from or going to visit with those same folks.

  • overheard snippets checking in on prayer requests that have been shared

  • all hands on deck when more help was needed for Open Doors

  • the immediate response sharing money and other resources when particular needs arise

  • a special space upstairs for our younger disciples, where they can be free to move and interact and listen to worship the way their bodies and minds are wired to do

  • space for doubting and questions and crises of faith

  • real talk about sharing our challenges and needs, and the space to do so with love and care

I’m proud. And while there are certainly areas where I see opportunities for growth (more on that with future animals), I know we’re on the right path.

Grace and peace,


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