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About Our Ministry Groups


There are many ways to get involved at Trinity!

Ministry opportunities at Trinity are:
- based on an individual or group sense of call
- Scripturally based
- focused on both an individual journey inward and a corporate journey outward
- a place of belonging and support for their members, and
- supported through our annual budget 

Specific ministry opportunities may be called at any time, but typically are called at a special worship service in the fall. Most ministry opportunities will have a defined ending date, with an opportunity for discerning whether the opportunity will be recalled. We also celebrate the many ways congregation members are involved in a variety of other ministries in the community. 

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In the fall of 2018, we introduced some new structures for involvement at Trinity. You can learn more about these through the links below.

To get an idea of what seasonal teams might look like, here are sample seasonal notebooks:

Finally, here you can read more about the team descriptions for Session teams. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Stephanie or anyone on the Session. 

Policy to Protect Children and Vulnerable Adults

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